The stories...

Part of getting ready to put a soap or product ready for the store is telling its story. So far, each story has been a separate blog. But today I am combining the new soap stories into one blog. First is Orbit!


The story of Orbit starts when I came across a bunch of embeds from past projects. “Waste not, want not,” kept playing over in my head, so the wheels started turning about creating a soap that would highlight the embeds. Also, I was having love affairs with my round column mold and activated charcoal. Some of the embeds were celestial, while others might look like comets or other universes if set against a nice black background of charcoal soap! Okay, that would look like a night sky. But, well, what essential oils would fit this soap? What does the night sky inspire inside us? Is it something mysterious, unknown, infinite? It’s a constant that is always changing. Aha! I remembered an essential oil blend from many moons (smile) ago named karma. Hey, what goes around comes around – like an orbit! This idea was coming together! The essential oil blend is almost indescribable. The notes include orange, jasmine, geranium, neroli, petitgrain, sandalwood, rosewood, musk, patchouli, and pine. It a mix of flowers, trees, grass, ocean, & sky all mixed together. Depending on the moment, one of the notes will dominate, but then later another note dominates. It's like, what goes around comes around. Like an orbit. Like karma.


The second story is lavender. Well, I am not sure this lavender soap has a story. But I know from the Facebook poll, many of my friends and family love lavender! So, I made these bars with the lavender lovers in mind. It is simply a nice bubbly rich soap with lavender essential oil. Nothing else, just good ol’ lavender! The pour is called a zebra design. While some other soaps use fragrance oil, there is no substitute for real lavender essential oil. It is a deep herbaceous fragrant lavender that is like being in the middle of a lavender plant. I like to lather up and let the soap sit on my skin for a bit before rinsing. This way, I can inhale the deliciousness and experience the calming effects of lavender. By using essential oils, it is reassuring that I am not breathing fake chemicals, but using the same oils used in aromatherapy. The soap is skin nourishing and softening and lavender makes it so relaxing!


Patchouli is Stephen’s favorite essential oil. And, it is one of my least favorites. He wants me to make everything patchouli. Ugh. Well, I started to research patchouli, and I found out it has beautiful fuchsia flowers with bright green foliage. This was surprising to me. Because it has such deep and smoky and strong fragrance notes, I imagined the plant would be dark and woody looking. But, even though it is a pretty plant, it still needed another essential oil to lighten and brighten it up. Lime seemed to be a good possibility. However, because of saponification, it’s with a hope and wish that the final aromatics blend nicely. Well, this soap smells delicious! The patchouli is balanced out by the crisp clean notes of lime. The colors reflect the fuchsia flowers of patchouli and the bright green of lime. The design is called a zebra swirl and it is a challenging but fun pour! Enjoy!

Now that you know their stories, please visit the online store. They are limited editions which means small quantities. I did not anticipate such a huge response to the other soaps, so I promise the next batches will be bigger! Thank you for your continued encouragement and support. It means everything!