Story of Rejuvenate

After creating Renew for normal and mature skin, I wanted to create a facial soap for oily and/or acne prone skin. So, I formulated Rejuvenate. This soap has layers of ingredients that work together to help detox, exfoliate, and cleanse your face. The black layer contains activated charcoal which is the detox agent to draw impurities from the skin. The gray layer contains mineral clay and pumice to help absorb oil and gently exfoliate. The green layer is cleansing and ph balancing. The soap is infused with tea tree and lavender essential oils. It is mildly medicinal smelling and feels somewhat tingly. As with Renew, I rub some of this soap directly on my wet face where my skin is oily or troubled. Then I let it sit there a few minutes so the ingredients can work their magic. (In my case, it would take a miracle!). Then, I lather it all up and either rinse it off or wash off with wet cloth. It smells fresh and my face feels super clean. I cut these 4 oz. bars into 3 pieces to have a nice finger sized bars to rub on your face. They do come 3 to a box. I hope you enjoy them!