October Over?

Where did October go? Well, here at Violet Songbird Soap, it’s been a busy month getting ready for Christmas. Yes, it’s not even Halloween, but here it has been all about stocking up (no pun intended!) on inventory, experimenting with new products, and planning gift bags and boxes for the holidays.

Coming soon the balm will be back in the store. After some research and experiments, the grainy problem is (hopefully!) resolved.

Trial and error to eliminate grainy balm

The experimenting part of new products has been mostly fails. Let’s see. There was the sugar scrub. While it smelled delicious, the color was off (fixable), but it left the shower floor kind of greasy. That is a fail. Then came the facial sugar scrub cubes. They worked good for a couple of days, but then they started to feel slimy. Not pleasant! Another fail. Next, came the shower steamers. They looked good, smelled good, and worked good. But, the next day, the bag they were in was so inflated, it looked like it was going to explode! Ha Ha. The steamers had gone from nice round hard cylinders to flat soft turds. Alas, another fail.

Fails....Oy Vey!

However, everything has not been a fail. During the first part of November, Violet Songbird Soap will have some new items to share with you. They will include new soaps, spray balm, and beard oil. Maybe some surprises, too!

Elves at work!

Sarah is coming next weekend from Nashville to help design the holiday gift boxes and bags. Yay! Perhaps Violet Songbird Soap can make your gift giving easy this year, and a nice way to share the belief that “What goes ON your body, goes IN your body.”