No News Is Good News

Looking back over my blog history, I discovered my last blog was in October 2019. Wow! That was a long time ago. Where have I been? Well, I must say there have been several distractions in my life. The first one was Stephen’s retirement. Little did I know how distracting having someone around 24/7 could be. The second distraction was my cardiac rehab which transitioned into wellness gym visits 3 times a week. The third distraction has been the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all safe (so far), but it has kept me off balance and preoccupied.

Still, I have trudged on and been making lots of soap and trying new formulas. There is soap with honey, some with goat’s milk, new fragrances, and new colors. I especially like Celebrate! which is made with goat’s milk. It looks like a party and smells like a tropical vacation! I also like Enchanted Garden. It is a nice clean smelling soap that is a soft green color.

If the new normal of prolonged and frequent handwashing, continual use of disinfecting chemicals, and hand sanitizers has your hands raw and chapped, please try some of these soaps. They won’t dry or irritate your skin and you can luxuriate taking as long as you want to wash your hands! Also, our Skin Kisses and Balm are natural oils that will absorb into your skin and soothe and soften.

Please stay safe