It's Baack!

The solid Balm is back in the store. So far, so good! No graininess, just smooth gliding balm. It is available in Fragrance & Color Free, and Paradox. The Paradox soap inventory has been replenished, so it is also back in the store. Both items will be included in the holiday gift sets which will debut in the store on Sunday, 11/11/2018, (Veteran’s Day!). There will be small, medium, and large gift sets.

Creating the gift sets has been like navigating a set of Russian nesting dolls! Every idea comes with many considerations for packaging, labeling, shipping, price and product. One decision leads to another, and it has been like a sharpening of chess game skills and putting together a jigsaw puzzle!

BTW, all the fragrance oils used at Violet Songbird Soap are phthalate-free. Our fragrance oils are certified by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and their recommended usage rates are followed. We also use essential oils and limit these to ones that are reliably sourced from growers, processors and distillers that agree to total transparency and supplying 100% pure products.

Today, is soap making! Yay! It is a foggy autumn day here in Middle Valley, and it is a perfect day for staying in and making some magic!