Gift Sets & Holiday Soaps are ready!

It’s finally done! The holiday gift sets and the holiday soaps are in the store! Whew! Thanks in no small part to web expert, Buddy! He has made some improvements to the site including “create an account”, so you can comment on the blog or on the products. He also included new information on the Home Page about Violet Songbird Soap products. There are new tabs to click for shopping options, and best of all, FREE shipping on orders over $60! (No promo code needed - yay!)

Our gift giving this year is leaning toward homemade and handcrafted, and it feels good to give a gift that is a unique representation of someone’s energy and expertise. For me, the temptation is great to create big fancy show stopping bars of soap, and I must remind myself to stay true to my purpose and mantra, “What goes ON your body, goes IN your body”. Happy Shopping!