Every Soap Tells A Story

Updated: May 18, 2019

Hippie Dippy - patchouli, lemongrass, orange essential oils

Once upon a time, this fun soap started out by me wanting to use up the leftover little bits of oils and butters saved from past projects. I didn’t want to mix these in with new oils and butters, but I didn’t want to waste them either. So, I weighed, measured, calculated, and formulated the dribbles and dabs to come up with a good soap recipe. I also wanted to test the blending capabilities of colored soap. So, I used the primary colors red, blue and yellow (natural pigments and micas – no fake colors) to see if they would swirl into a rainbow type design. Well, you can see that didn’t work! Then, because they contain a goodly amount of hemp seed oil, I decided to use an essential oil blend called “hippie”. The blend contains just patchouli, orange 10x, and lemongrass essential oils. And, after the cure, they have become a mild smelling soap with the fragrance notes mostly balanced. Also, they really lather up into big fluffy soft white bubbles!

When I un-molded and cut them, every bar was different and no two sides were alike! Friends and family chimed in with names like crazy eyes, cyclops, and party balloons. My friend Pam said, “just call them Hippie Dippy!” And, so it is! I hope you enjoy them!