Bye-bye Balm

Today, the balm came out of the store – temporarily. Why? Well, the latest batch feels like some exotic salt was added to the recipe, when, in fact, it was not! Yes, minute crystals formed in the balm from changes in the temperature of the shea butter. While shea butter is a great skin emollient, it is a tricky little ingredient that can be very persnickety. These crystals don’t occur in every batch, and they can be quite unpredictable. The crystals dissolve as the balm warms to your touch, and they do not affect the result. But, I find it off-putting, so I am going to work on reformulating the recipe and try to produce a consistently smooth balm.

If you have experienced this, please let me know. I will replace your balm with the new formulation, or replace it with other products, or refund your money. This applies to every product you purchase from Violet Songbird Soap. While variations will occur with handmade products, I want you to have a positive happy experience every time you lather, slather, or soothe!