Every bar is a cleansing bubbly soap that rinses clean.  They are handmade using skin loving oils and colors from natural pigments and minerals that do not contain synthetic dyes.  The scents are created with fragrance and essential oils which are formulated to evoke pleasurable experiences.  Paradox and Fragrance & Color Free are our signature soaps, but the others showcase new techniques, colors, and fragrances. Please enjoy and share!


Most of our Body Care products are fragrance & color free which make them an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin and children. They contain the minimal amount of ingredients for maximum performance. Our Body Cream is a thick lotion that immediately begins to soak in and moisturize. The Body Balm is formulated for rough dry/scaly patches that need intensive softening, and the Skin Serum is a blend of premium grade oils and botanicals that leave your skin soft and non-greasy making it perfect for your face and neck.